International Journal Papers

denotes corresponding author

  • Qian, X., Hwang, S., and Son, S. (2024). A Study on Key Determinants in Enhancing Storm Surges along the Coast: Interplay between Tropical Cyclone Motion and Coastal Geometry. Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 129(2),
  • Hwang, S. and Son, S. (2023). An efficient HLL-based scheme for capturing contact-discontinuity in scalar transport by shallow water flow. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 127, 107531,
  • Hwang, S., Son, S., Lee, C., and Yoon, H. D. (2020). Quantitative assessment of inundation risks from physical contributors associated with future storm surges: a case study of Typhoon Maemi (2003). Natural Hazards, 104, 1389-1411,
  • Lee, C., Hwang, S., Do, K., and Son, S. (2019). Increasing flood risk due to river runoff in the estuarine area during a storm landfall. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 221, 104-118,

Domestic Journal Papers

  • Jung, T., Hwang, S., and Son, S. (2021). Development of a Numerical Model Considering Active Tsunami Generation. Journal of Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers, 33(4), 160-167
  • Hwang, S. and Son, S. (2021). Development of an Advection-diffusion Model Using Depth-integrated Equations Based on GPU Acceleration. Journal of the Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation, 21(1), 281-289
  • Na, B. and Hwang, S. (2020). Highly Resolved Kinematics of Tide-induced, Geometry-governed Turbulent Whirlpools. Journal of Coastal Disaster Prevention, 7(4), 287-293

Conference Proceedings

* denotes oral presenter

  • Hwang, S.*, Lynett, P., and Son, S. (2022). NEARSHORE SCALAR TRANSPORT MODEL WITH VIRTUAL REALITY ENVIRONMENT, 37th International Conference on Coastal Engineering, Sydney, Australia
  • Hwang, S.* and Son, S. (2021). Development of GPU-Accelerated 2DH Hydrodynamic and Transport Model, 9th International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Hwang, S.*, Son, S., and Lynett, P. (2020). A GPU-ACCELERATED MODELING OF SCALAR TRANSPORT BASED ON BOUSSINESQ-TYPE EQUATIONS, virtual International Conference on Coastal Engineering
  • Hwang, S. and Son, S. (2019). Quantitative Risk Assessment of Storm-induced Inundation Damage in Future Climate Conditions - a Case-specific Projection onto a Century Future, 2019 Society of Wetland Scientists-Asia Chapter and Korean Wetlands Society Joint Metting, Suncheon, Republic of Korea
  • Hwang, S. and Son, S. (2018). 3D Numerical Investigation on the Onset and Growth of Tide-induced, Geometry-governed Turbulent Coherent Structure - a Case Study of Uldolmok Strait, Korea, 3rd International Water Safety Symposium, Incheon, Republic of Korea